XADO Motorsport: 3-2 = 2 place

The first stage of the Rally Championship of Ukraine took place as part of the Gates of Ukraine race in Lviv and Zakarpattia regions on June, 21−22. This competition will stay in memory of XADO Motorsport team because two teams slipped off the track but the last remaining crew won the 2nd place in the final standing.

Treacherous weather, on-and-off rain and slippery or unpredictable track have made the race much more complicated: Only eight cars of 20 reached the last lap.

Just one crew of XADO Motorsport team, including Nikolai Chmykh and Aleksandr Vilchinskii who participated in the top 4 category, managed to get to the finish. The crew members won silver in their group and also became runners-up in the final standing.

— Such racing conditions are, without a doubt, interesting but too risky, one has to be constantly cautious…

XADO Motorsport: 3-2 = 2 place

But it’s impossible to foresee everything. So, the crew of Stanislav Besedin and Andrei Borovoi from the У3500 category had to return to Kharkiv driving a broken car. The champions of two stages of the Liman Cup showed a good time during the Gates of Ukraine race, but then they got a blowout tire and their Ford Fiesta fell over into the 30 meter abyss at the speed of about 120 km/h. However, all well that ends well: the crew members are OK, and the crew technicians expect to repair the car till the next race.

XADO Motorsport: 3-2 = 2 place

There was also the third crew. This time Vladimir Petrenko and pilot Dmitrii Andriushchenko decided to represent XADO Motorsport driving a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution in the У4000 category. However, the clutch malfunction didn’t allow them to participate in the race till the end.

That is why the achieved second place is a very good result, although managers and racers of the team realize that it was the matter of luck for XADO Motorsport or misfortune for other racers.

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