XADO LPG Cleaner+

XADO LPG Cleaner+

We present you a new product for cars with LPG engines — XADO LPG Cleaner+. It is a cleaner of supply systems of car engines using liquid petroleum gas (LPG) as fuel.

XADO LPG Cleaner+ effectively cleans nozzles, filters and pipe ducts of the gas system from any contaminations, fully removes condensed water from the gas tank and lubricates movable parts of valves and taps, protects them from corrosion.

Application of the new product is quite simple. Connect the bottle with XADO LPG Cleaner+ to the filling connector of the car gas supply system using a special adapter (the tank has to contain minimum amount of fuel) and introduce the cleaner into the tank. Afterwards fill the tank with liquefied gas.

Take care of your car and XADO Chemical Group will help you with that.

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