XADO Eau de Parfum

XADO Eau de Parfum

“Formula for men” is the first series of XADO perfumes for men. It is based on natural components and exclusive modern fragrances from leading manufacturers. “Formula for men” creates a single theme; car racing represents here reflection and manifestation of main features of a man’s character. There are four fragrances in total: DRIFT, CROSS, SLALOM, and RALLY. XADO perfume can be an amazing present for a colleague, business partner or a loved one — any person who loves auto sport and can’t imagine their life without cars.

DRIFT — For men who can feel their life as strongly as their car. Fragrance which possesses a special style and elegance.

CROSS — For men who are used to overcoming obstacles and are not afraid of real fights and pressure. Its modern vibes accentuate masculinity and sexuality.

SLALOM — Informed decisions and considered actions — that’s what characterizes a man whom this fragrance would suit perfectly. Aroma full of confidence and tranquility.

RALLY — Rebellious spirit and manly charisma in one bottle. Passion, speed and drive flow through the veins of those who choose this fragrance. This is the aroma of victory and recognition.

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