XADO as a Business

XADO as a Business

Cooperation with XADO Company is always profitable. Treatment of the car with REVITALIZANT® compositions allows you to keep the aggregates in their initial condition and to restore the worn ones, thus prolonging the service life and saving money. What’s even better, you can become the company’s partner and start earning money, as advanced technologies are always in demand. There are hundreds of examples of successful cooperation. A very popular French source Egalité & Réconciliation has recently told about one of them.

The website https://www.egaliteetreconciliation.fr/ covers pressing issues such as economy, politics, art, social sector, etc. One of the directions supported by the journalists is development of small businesses in France, which is why you can often find interviews with entrepreneurs from different regions of the country on the website.

This time, bloggers recorded a conversation with Francis Ladeuil, one of XADO partners in France. Today, Francis is a successful private entrepreneur, director of the company SARL Motor Tech, but just a few years ago he was a regular car enthusiast from a small village in Périgord, who by pure chance learned about XADO revitalizants. In his interview for Egalité & Réconciliation, Francis Ladeuil explained how he had learned about revitalizants for the first time and how he had had an idea to make them a part of his business. The following is a translation of the interview, which we recommend (to watch the original interview, follow the link)

Francis, tell us about yourself.

I spent my childhood in a village. Look around and you can easily imagine how it was. There are just a few cars; children are more or less left to themselves… Then I went to school. But I didn’t like it and the education system of that time based on compulsion. That’s why I was a rather bad and lazy student. As soon as I could leave school and escape the system pressure, I did just that. As I needed a profession, I obtained a certificate of professional education in electromechanics and electrical engineering. It’s not like I didn’t have certain abilities, school just wasn’t my thing. I went to the army, then came back, and started working. I worked mostly at factories and for ten years couldn’t find anything but various small and often temporary side jobs. I have never concluded a real employment contract, even a short-term one. Finally, I decided to try working for myself. At first, I was interested in motorcycles: I was distributing and promoting products for competitions and motorcycle racing, but this sector turned out to be too narrow and specific for my taste. That’s why I switched to cars and literally built a garage on my own. I laid bricks by myself and still continued to work a lot; although, I guess, that’s something all people who look for an independent income have to do in the beginning. Thirty-five hours of work each week are still a thing, you know. I went to work at least twice a week and dedicated the rest of the time to developing my own business, because I wanted to achieve something in life. It was especially difficult, because I lived in a region that was neither economically developed nor too densely populated. So I had to work twice as hard!

XADO as a Business

In France, you represent XADO trademark under which truly revolutionary products are developed. Can you tell us more about it?

Basically, these are additives and special products for treatment of car aggregates and assemblies. That’s why I’ve come here by car. I own a used all-wheel drive vehicle with an automatic transmission. To avoid problems, I changed the transmission fluid as soon as I purchased it. Everything operated well, and I was satisfied until I had to drive to Bordeaux. The road was difficult, the engine operated with overloads. And as you’d expect, a failure occurred: the gear box was broken, which meant it had to be repaired. I didn’t want to spend much time on disassembling the gear box, so I started looking for an alternative. I found absolutely nothing for gear boxes among French products, so I started looking for foreign products on the Internet. That’s how I found the company that sold its products in Germany, and among them, products for automatic gear boxes. I did some reading and found out that this trademark was well-known and appreciated in the USA and many other countries. In America, respected people who certainly know a thing or two about maintenance of vehicles spoke in favor of it. Finally, it turned out that these products were manufactured in eastern Ukraine, in Kharkiv, and I know this city pretty well because my wife was born there and I have been visiting Kharkiv quite often for many years already. I got in touch with the company and asked if I could somehow learn more about the products. I was planning on visiting Kharkiv soon anyway, so I went to the headquarters, shops, service stations, met with the head of the technical department who is responsible for research and development. He explained to me the essence of XADO technology. I personally tested the products, and they turned out to be really great. After that, the company suggested I become their representative in France.

Can you tell us in detail what ceramic-metal is? Which technologies are used in it?

Well, revitalization is a nanotechnology, a sort of cocktail made of particles and nanoparticles, which are bound together with the help of a neutral oil. This results in formation of a gel, which is used for treatment and restoration of car aggregates and assemblies. As soon as the treated mechanism starts operating, the temperature rises and a chemical reaction begins. Mechanism parts come in contact with each other and absorb particles of carbon and metal carbides, which contribute to build-up and restoration of damaged surface layers. Therefore, treatment provides perfect adjustment of parts. These are all technical details, but you should understand that restoration of the surfaces occurs on its own as soon as you have treated them with the agent due to the chemical reaction completed simultaneously with the restoration process.

Can you tell us about the origins of this impressive technology?

Simply put, there were drilling units located in Siberia in the 1950s–1960s. Specialists noticed that boring bits had to be replaced approximately every hour. However, when dull and almost worn out boring bits came in contact with certain materials, their tips were restored and became sharp again. Local engineers conducted research and determined that friction, which occurs by contact between bits and certain materials and minerals, causes a chemical reaction as a result of which a new solid layer saturated with carbon is built on friction surfaces. This is actually what a ceramic-metal coating is. First, this discovery was used in Russian army, in the navy in particular, to increase the service life of warships and to conduct inspections and repairs less often. This means that if a ship goes to sea and needs to undergo technical inspection after a certain period of time, and suddenly you can double that time, then it is a real achievement that cannot be ignored. That’s why when in 1990s the Soviet Union broke up, there were many companies in Kharkiv that continued cooperating with Russia as subcontractors, as the city is very close to the border — only some 30 km away. Kharkiv is a large city — 2 million people, metro, huge plants… All the people who still had the knowledge and experience started manufacturing industrial goods and about 10 years later — goods for general public. Today, the company manufactures products for passenger cars, motorcycles, trucks. There are very specialized technical products, as well as products much simpler in application. Say, you would like to refresh your car a little, we have just the right product for you. This one costs €49,90. Just open the bottle, introduce its contents into the oil filler neck of the engine, and hit the road. The rest will happen on its own. If you have proper equipment, you can even measure compression before and after the treatment. The results you get are absolutely exceptional. As you can see, compression values have equalized. Treatment with XADO products ensures stable and reliable result in contrast to many other products for treatment of car aggregates, which can be washed off and eliminated with oil. In my personal experience, such a thing could never happen after application of XADO products. The applied product will stay inside and act as described. If you need products to take care of your car, examine data sheets and properties of products available. XADO products are mostly intended for treatment with quick cardinal restoration effect.

And who would benefit the most from these products?

More or less, everyone. If you have a new car or if you use a company car, you have nothing to worry about. But if it is your own car and you want it to serve as long as possible, then XADO products are for you. XADO products are designed primarily for regions where people prefer to take good care of their vehicles and equipment. You know, in Eastern Europe people don’t change a car after ten years of operation. Even taxis there are not new and can have a considerable run as far as I can judge based on my visits. In a word, these are products for people who want to keep their cars in good condition and to restore damaged aggregates during operation.

XADO as a Business

Such products are a pleasant surprise for those interested in prevention of wear and aging of the vehicle, aren’t they?

Certainly, they are. When you have to drive an old car because you cannot afford to buy a new one, you would probably like to at least somehow refresh the old vehicle. There are also cars susceptible to certain types of breakdowns and malfunctions. I cannot name the brands exactly, but I know that there are even French ones. For example, problems with the gear box occur very often. And if you have purchased such a car, now you can quickly repair the gear box or, as a preventive measure, conduct treatment of the mechanism to avoid its malfunction. It is much cheaper than to replace the gear box or waste money on its repair.

Where can people find XADO products?

On the Internet, on the website www.xado.com. You can order our products both in France and in Belgium. Products available on the website are shipped from the warehouse in France. At the moment, I am trying to establish a network, but there are only a few places where people buy our products. But we are only in the beginning of our development, so if there are any car enthusiasts who are interested in XADO products and would like to cooperate with us, that’s not a problem — we offer good conditions.

Tell us a few words about Solid’E&R group and why you joined it.

This group is for people like me, those who have aspirations, goals, and projects but don’t have opportunities and business contacts to bring these projects to the international level and introduce them on the market. Solid’E&R group can and should help us. I volunteered to become a “laboratory guinea pig” of sorts to experience everything myself and to see if Solid’E&R can really fulfill its mission to support economic projects and to help people who live in the countryside or in the regions where there’s no work or interesting offers to fulfill their potential. For example, I could go from developing the project myself to involving a few more people who look for regular employment and to offering them something more worthwhile and valuable than temporary earnings and side jobs.

What is the role of the E&R website in all this?

It’s been about twelve years since I had a TV-set. That’s why after the Internet has emerged I’m using it to look for information. Several years ago, I found this website and I liked it. Now, when I need certain information or news, I always visit E&R. Here I can read about things that are hardly discussed anywhere if discussed at all.

Was it your own choice to stay in your home village?

Yes, I have chosen this small village lost in Périgord. Of course, if I wanted to earn a lot of money or make a career, I would have to leave. I know neighbors, acquaintances, friends who had left, graduated from prestigious universities, and then, after many years, came back here, to the land of their ancestors. I made my own choice. It wasn’t easy; after all, it is not easy living here every day. But I made the decision to work here, and since there was no work available, I created my own workplace. Besides, I had to take care of my elderly father when he was still alive, because all my brothers and sisters had left. In a word, I stayed.

XADO as a Business

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