Time Attack “XADO Motorsport 2021”

Time Attack XADO Motorsport 2021

On September 4, Kharkiv will host the 3rd stage of the National Series in time-attack circuit racing “XADO Motorsport 2021”.

Time attack is a type of circuit racing in which participants compete for the best lap time instead of facing each other on the track. Racers try to set the fastest possible lap time in several attempts. The absence of competitors on the track allows even less experienced racers to take their chances. However, it would be wrong to consider such competitions as amateur. Time attack is a popular type of weekend racing, and stages of this kind are held in many developed countries. In Kharkiv, this type of race will be held for the first time.

The time attack “XADO Motorsport 2021” will take place at the new RaceНub autodrome at 182, Yuvileinyi Ave. (shopping center near Akademika Barabashova metro station, auto market site). Drivers of both civil and racing or specially customized vehicles can apply for participation in the event. Participants are divided into five classes according to car power. There will also be a separate competition among women. On some sections of the 450 m long track, the cars can reach speeds of over 100 km/h.

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