These metals are fantastic!

It is not enough to make a revolutionary discovery. To be able to get this message out is even more important task. Here you will find information about XADO Chemical Group’s breakthrough called Revitalizant – a product that reverses mechanisms ageing.

XADO scientists state that Revitalizant should be in every quart of motor oil and in every vehicle! One more proof for that was obtained due to the spectrum analysis of used oil.

Unusual story of a usual vehicle

We want to tell you a story of vehicle, a 2006 heavy loaded truck Volvo 670 with Cummins ISX engine.

Usually the owners of such heavy-loaded trucks apart from the regular general inspection and ongoing maintenance make engine diagnostics basing on used oil analysis. Checking for antifreeze or fuel in motor oil can help prevent major problems. The same is true for increased content of metals in oil.

A Chief Mechanic of a truck fleet Antanas Uikus sent his first oil sample to a laboratory in August 2011. He had 788 thousand miles on his odometer at that time. The result indicated imminent troubles: content of copper and especially lead was several times higher than acceptable rates. That pointed to the fact of severe engine wear and possible major overhaul.

And here comes the most interesting part! In a year and a half having added 270 thousand miles on his odometer, Antanas made the next oil testing. And it showed striking results: there were noticeably fewer metals in motor oil! Iron in oils was less than half of the last test, and copper and lead witnessed of engine running almost without wear. And let’s keep in mind that all this time the truck was operating in a heavy-loaded mode (carrying 40,000 lbs).

The final oil test was done in October 25, 2013. The total mileage was 1,108,000 miles. Thus there were 2 years and 320 thousand miles between the first and the last test! And what do we have as a result? Let’s give the floor to experts: “Wear metals look better than ever.”

«These metals are fantastic! Iron is impressive. Nice report. » these were the comments of experts from an independent oil testing laboratory as per Antanas final oil samples.

How is that achieved?

So what has happened to the engine during all that time? Why has metals content in used oil steadily gone down? In fact the vehicle has driven more 320 thousand miles and engine wear should have been progressing.

Revitalization technology reveals answers to these questions. Revitalizant (from lat. vita – life) is a medicine against ageing for vehicles and mechanisms. It forms a ceramic-metal coating on parts surfaces. The new coating overcomes the initial manufacture’s one by its unique properties. Defects and scratches on friction pairs are “healed” due to Revitalizant. With the help of ceramic-metal coating iron really can be healed. And not only iron, but also non-ferrous metals: copper, lead, chrome! The protective ceramic-metal coating prevents metal from wearing away and getting metal chips in your oil.

The results of spectrum analysis and fantastic figures mentioned above in the article – these are the true results of Revitalizant application in vehicles.

For the first time Antanas Uikus treated his engine with a XADO product specially designed for diesel trucks (AMC Maximum for Diesel Truck) having 920 thousand miles. The driver noticed Revitalizant efficiency almost immediately: the vehicle started running smoother, it was easily to drive up a hill. Fuel economy was a very pleasant bonus. Now filling a fuel tank (250 gal) he can drive approximately 200 miles farther which is $500 monthly! And after seeing fantastic results of spectrum oil analysis, Antanas applies XADO products all the time and keeps advising Xado’s unique product to his colleagues. If you want longer engine life, better MPG, lower emissions, Atomic Metal Conditioner Maximum should be in every quart of motor oil!

Antanas Uikus,
truck's owner:
«The cost of a new engine is more than $20 thousand. That’s why I understand all the responsibility on me and try to keep our vehicles in almost perfect state. I’ll be honest, the first report made me feel nervous: high rate of copper and lead witness of bearings wear, and iron left a lot to be desired. And I believe everybody understands that repair means not only direct expenses, but also downtime, violation of delivery time, penalties, etc.

When applying XADO AMC Maximum for Diesel Trucks I expected to see positive results. But I didn’t expect to observe such fantastic results. Metals figures became better than average standard rates! Also it was very interesting for me to watch the reaction of oil testing laboratory experts. They decided that I made an overhaul to eliminate high rates of metals, which were in previous reports. But in fact there was no overhaul! Only XADO AMC Maximum for Diesel Trucks. ».
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