The rally season is open

April 21-22 the new racing season officially started on Chernomor-2013 Rally. About 70 teams arrived in the Crimea, Tarkhankut in order to take part in the 1st stage of the "Cup of Estuaries” and the "Crimea Cup”. Such a large number of participants does not often gather even for the stages of the Cup of Ukraine. That is why, as expected, the fight for the podium was sharp, unpredictable and impetuous.

In Chernomorskoye the team of XADO Motorsport nominated all three crews. From the very start of the rally our racers took up the struggle for the highest grade.

In the strongest P8 class our team nominated Nikolay Chmyx to start the rally. In spite of a big competition and complexity of the race track (with its length being more than 120 km) the crew still managed to ascend the podium and to take the third place in its class in the “Cup of Estuaries” and the “Crimea Cup”.

The better results of the racing showed Stanislav Besedin who participated in the competition in Рs6 class with his Fiesta. From the very first kilometers he took up the leading position among his class-fellows. And nobody managed to leave the Kharkov pilot back up to the finish. Thus, Stanislav brought home both the "Cup of Estuaries” and the "Crimea Cup”.

The same trophies were won by Sergey Kostiukov, only in P5 class. His VAZ 2108 decently endured all the trials of the Crimea savannah und brought the driver to the first stage of the podium without a hitch.

As a result XADO Motorsport became the best in this premiere racing having won the first prizes in the both nominations.

We congratulate the racers with their successful start and wish them to keep the same rates during the entire season.

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