Saving of 10,000 dollars


“PLATINO 2040” is a super complicated and expensive mechanism, a metal laser cutting machine. It works like magic: allows to manufacture any part stiffly accurate and quickly. Exactly such an aggregate is installed in Kharkiv state aircraft manufacturing enterprise “KHARKIV AIRCRAFT PLANT”. It was operating successfully for several years, but in December 2012 some unwanted noise appeared. Than bearings of the gas turbine, the main assembly, started heating. And finally the sensors began just shutting down the mechanism, so that to avoid its eventual breakdown.

Change of regular grease in the bearings showed no results, the assembly continued heating and producing unwonted noise, and automatic controls stopped the cutting process. In January 2013 the plant administration turned to XADO specialists requesting help.

The temperature of bearing assemblies was significantly higher than a normal one. The first examination of the hot assembly showed considerable wear of one of the bearings, and that led to heating and unwanted noises. It was decided to clean all the bearings with XADO Flush and to pack them with high-speed XADO Protective grease 60K with REVITALIZANT®.

Already during the breaking-in the temperature of the bearings began to drop smoothly, and after 18-25 hours of operation the temperature stabilized. The machine operates now in regular mode, and the plant managed to save over 10,000 dollars! Exactly such an amount of money would have been spent for a change of two bearings.

Now only XADO Protective grease 60K is used for packing high-speed bearings in the gas turbine of the metal laser cutting machine “PLATINO 2040” in the Kharkiv aircraft plant.

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