Revitalization of the two-wheeled

A really cool modern bike sometimes costs more than a car.
But people buy cars for business, and motorcycles — for the soul.

We want you to learn about special products designed for those who loves and cherishes their motorcycles. Manufacturer of these products is XADO company.
If the motorcycle owner uses such products, he can be absolutely sure that he applies the best compounds for motor equipment existing at the moment.

Nanotechnology for MOTO

Engines of most modern motorcycles are powerful high-speed units. Due to the fact that motorcycle owners use every opportunity to increase the speed, their vehicles constantly work under extreme loads and wear much faster than cars. Just 15,000−20,000 km of run is a significant distance for a motorcycle. During this period several sets of chains and other spare parts need to be replaced. XADO Chemical Group proposes special compositions which can prolong the service life expectancy of motorcycle engines and ensure their continuous reliable operation.

ЕХ120 for motor equipment

The EX120 Revitalizant® series is the most popular of its kind. The key to success is enhanced formula (concentration of the active component is increased by 20%), affordable price (to keep it down the manufacturer had to change the packaging for a cheaper box), convenient and technological package — syringe.

Ревитализация двухколесных

One of the reasons why XADO products are so popular is simplicity and convenience of use. Anyone can treat an aggregate without any help at any place, at any time. The same principle works for XADO MOTO products and includes three stages: open the oil filler cap, squeeze out the contents of the syringe, and close the cap. You just have to make sure that the engine oil is warm so that the gel dissolves. For treatment of engine with mixed lubrication system Revitalizant® is added into the fuel. It is recommended to dissolve the contents of the syringe before introducing the compound into the engine. Revitalizant® compensates the ongoing wear and forms a super strong ceramic-metal coating on the friction surfaces. What does it mean for the owner? After the treatment the motorcycle operates smoother, speeds up faster; for instance, if you turn the throttle grip, than the same force will produce not the usual 6,000 but 8,000! Furthermore, fuel consumption decreases, the amount of harmful emissions is reduced. The driver can also sense the changes, because the noise level significantly decreases.
When treating the engine with central lubrication system, the motorcycle owner also receives a pleasant bonus: Revitalizant® allows to restore and protect the gearbox parts as well. Also you don’t have to worry about oil bath clutch, because the composition does not impact its operation.

Revitalizant® prolongs the service life of a motorcycle engine by up to 3 times

Revitalization – how it works

Ревитализация двухколесных

Oils highest standard

All XADO oils, including those for motor equipment, are manufactured in the Netherlands. But they occupy a unique niche on the market due to the presence of the substance, Revitalizant®, which allows to speak about their uniqueness. Thanks to the Revitalizant® these oils not only lubricate the engine parts, but also softly care for and restore them directly during operation.

Ревитализация двухколесных

For four-stroke engines of motor equipment XADO offers high-quality synthetic and super-synthetic oils, 10W-60 4T MA 10W-40 4T MA Super Synthetic respectively. These oils have been specifically developed for modern engines operated by maximal speeds and loads. They are effective by prolonged thermal overloads and maximal rpm of the engine.

For two-stroke engines we recommend 2T FC — a high-quality low-smoke synthetic oil for motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiles, lawn mowers, chain saws and other motor equipment with air or water cooling. The low-smoke formula of the oil keeps the engine clean and prevents soot formation in the combustion chamber and exhaust ports.

And, of course, the Revitalizant® determines the success of XADO oils, being the guarantee of long and reliable engine operation.

All XADO oils have a nice smell, special aromatizer is one of the signs of counterfeit protection.

XADO Dakar 2014

Ревитализация двухколесных

Ignacio Chivite (Spain), pilot of XADO Team Dakar

«It has always been my dream to finish a Dakar race. It’s not an unusual desire for any sportsman, because Dakar Rally is the race of lifetime. Several times I tried to conquer Dakar, but it always slipped away. And then, having 9,209 km behind me, I made the finish in Chilean Valparaíso on January 18, 2014. Despite the broken collarbone and a lot of bruises, it was one of the happiest days in my life. Dakar was finally conquered. I did everything I could. I would like to thank XADO for this chance. »
Alberto Luis Sanchez Torres,
technical director of
XADO Team Dakar
«Motorcycles have achieved a real cult status in Spain, they are very popular. I have been promoting XADO products for several years, but I couldn’t imagine they would become so popular after Dakar Rally!»


The trademark Mottec was revealed to the public at an international auto show in Geneva in 2013. The number of bicycles and motorcycles constantly grows as grows the demand for special care products. Mottec products satisfy complex requests of owners of any equipment, both economy and premium class.

Mottec Professional

Professional series is designed for HI-END motorcycles and bicycles that require close attention and serious approach. When creating these products, XADO specialists took into account constructive and operational peculiarities of modern equipment. MOTTEC Professional series comprises expensive synthetic base oils, extended additive packages with powerful protective and, for the first time ever, restoring properties.

Thanks to the Revitalizant®,
friction surfaces of chains can now
be restored with ceramic-metal.

Ревитализация двухколесных

Presence of PTFE (Teflon) in the grease gives it a specific white colour.

High-Speed Chain Grease ROAD with the complex “Revitalizant® + PTFE”.

For light and heavy motor equipment. Easily penetrates the chain links and stays there at high speeds. Indispensible for long-distance journeys.

Ultra Water and Dirt Resistant Chain Grease RALLY with the complex “Revitalizant® + PTFE”.

For those who like extreme tourism and long-time journeys. Provides ultra-easy sliding and reliable protection of the chain from water, dirt and sand, as well as by high speeds and loads.

Greases for bicycle chains with the complex “Revitalizant® + PTFE”.

Bicycle chain grease for dry weather.

Specifically designed for smooth running of bicycles. Perfect choice for those who likes extreme biking tours and high speeds.

Ultrawaterproof bicycle chain grease.

For trips and travelling by any weather. Provides optimal protection of the chain by contact with dirt and water.

Ревитализация двухколесных

Now you don’t have to be afraid of rain and dirt!

Universal products for care of bicycles and motor equipment.

Universal cleaner

Easily removes oily and other operational contaminations, conservative grease, dust, soot and tar traces.

Ревитализация двухколесных

Before lubricating the chain of a “Japanese”, clean it. After driving our roads you’ll need universal cleaner.

Universal white grease with PTFE

Possesses water-repellent properties. Provides ultra-easy sliding of parts.

Ревитализация двухколесных

Cables, treated with Universal white grease with PTFE, will operate in any conditions.

Silicone grease

Indispensable product for care of tires and other parts made of rubber and plastic.

Ревитализация двухколесных

After being treated with MOTTEC Silicone grease plastic looks like new and is reliably protected.

Anti-silicone cleaner

Universal product for cleaning and degreasing of metal, plastic, glass and ceramic surfaces. Easily removes the rests of scotch tape, fat, silicone and old stains on surfaces.

Conserving protective grease

Reliably preserves and protects bicycles and motor equipment in between the seasons.

Universal grease for chains with Revitalizant®

Effectively lubricates and protects from corrosion. Compensates the ongoing wear of chains.

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