Only Revitalizant can do it!

A motor manufacturing factory, the country’s leading serial manufacturer of aircraft engines which all the modern Russian aircrafts are equipped with, has been working in Perm for nearly eight decades. A very rare custom-made (only a few pieces all over the former USSR) special high-precision CNC turning lathe for treatment of aircraft engine diaphragms started playing up. It had been manufactured in Germany and installed at the factory as far back as in early 90’s. Since that time it had been working properly. However, last autumn specialists discovered inadmissible play of the spindle bearing. Besides, some foreign knocking occurred. There was no chance to replace the exclusive part (the diameter of the bearing is 1.8 m!), because manufacturing company no longer existed. And every day of demurrage means great losses both for factory and for lathe operators.

Having tried all repair options, factory workers decided to ask assistance of XADO specialists. Huge bearing was cleaned from old grease and filled with XADO Restoring grease containing Revitalizant. Then the lathe was started up and had several shifts of idle operation. The result was quite natural for XADO specialists and quite surprising for factory workers – foreign noises as well as bearing play have disappeared. The factory was finally able to fulfill orders from aircraft constructors.

In such a way the little XADO nanoparticles managed to breathe a new life into the huge unit and bring back confidence, peace and good mood to the working team of the entire factory.

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