Oil metamorphoses

This year XADO company celebrates an anniversary: 10 years ago, in May 2004, first 4 oils under the trademark XADO Atomic Oil were manufactured. At that time atomic Revitalizant® was developed that allowed to take Revitalization® to a whole new level and make it an integral component of the technical maintenance of cars. Today XADO company manufactures oils for almost any type of equipment, from tractors to supercars. Besides the classic Atomic Oil, there are three more oil trademarks: VERYLUВE, Atomic and Luxury Drive.

XADO Atomic Oil. The first oils in the world with the atomic Revitalizant®. Their application guarantees long service life of the engine, keeps it in a like new state. Revitalization® factor — 5.5*.

Atomic. This oils aren’t available in retail shops. They are manufactured exclusively for industrial use as well as for heavy duty equipment and combined vehicle fleets. Available only in large packaging. Revitalization® factor — 5.5.

XADO Luxury Drive. The only oil in the world which increases compression. The technology of high-speed Revitalization® 1 Stage is used during its manufacturing. This oil has the highest Revitalization® factor —15.5.

VERYLUВE. High-quality base and balanced additive package. This is a budget product which is probably the best in its price category.

*RF (Revitalization® factor) — efficiency index of restoration and antiwear protection.

Keystone of oil manufacturing

Modern motor oils contain base oil and additive package. Nowadays different types of base oils are used for manufacturing of motor oils. XADO Chemical Group uses the best base oils in the world:

  • refined mineral oils,
  • semisynthetic hydrocracked base oils,
  • oils on the basis of synthetic hydrocarbons (polyalfaolefin),
  • oils on the basis of esters.

Additive package is an essential component of modern motor oils. Additives enhance the base oil and impart additional properties such as the possibility of operation within the broad temperature range. During the manufacturing of oils XADO Atomic Oil the newest additive packages are used which showed high performance in lubricating materials of the best European manufacturers. The combination of the best base oils and exclusive additive packages allowed XADO company to create the best motor and transmission oils. And the presence of the atomic Revitalizant® in oils XADO Atomic Oil makes them truly unique.

Form and content

One can easily recognize the XADO Atomic Oil products in shops and on market stalls due to their packaging. All the oils from this line are packaged into modern cans with the volume of 1 to 5 L. Such cans are convenient for transporting and storage, have double tamper-evident control, special oilers and reliably protect the oil from any external influence.

Cans make for a perfect counterfeit protection and prove the product authenticity. All manufacturers of tin packaging have to see to it that the customer has all the rights for a certain trade mark and bear strict responsibility as to its protection. Such control system makes it virtually impossible to manufacture counterfeit products.

XADO company is the only manufacturer in the world which adds perfume into their oils. This feature provides additional level of protection and brand recognition.

Another distinctive feature of XADO packaging is its informational content. Probably, only XADO jerry cans with oil contain such amount of information about the product. Each package of oil has markings on the requirements which this oil meets. Besides the name of the product its characteristics coded in numbers and special abbreviations are given.

For instance, the first number before the symbol “W” characterizes viscosity of oil at low temperatures. The lower is the number, the faster the oil will penetrate all points of lubrication in the engine and the easier the engine start will be by frosts. The second number specifies viscosity of oil at operating temperatures. The higher the number, the more reliable lubrication and protection of the engine are. As to the abbreviation SN, it means that the oil meets the strictest requirements specified today by the manufacturers of motor oils for gasoline engines.


After the invention of the Revitalization® the scientists dreamt of combining the possibilities of the Revitalizant® and the properties of the oil which would allow the oil to develop new, unique properties.

Any motorist wants to use the oil which not only lubricates but also restores the natural metal wear, conserves the surfaces and keeps them in a perfect, like new condition.

Realization of this beautiful idea became possible upon synthesis of the atomic Revitalizant®. Revitalization® creates a protective coating on friction surfaces. This coating possesses unique antiwear properties and prolongs the service life expectancy of the engine by 2–3 times. This means that repeated application of XADO oils allows to increase the run of a car before the complete overhaul up to 500,000 or even 1,000,000 (!) km.

Possibilities of XADO oils

  • increased reliability of the engine and engine power
  • decreased fuel consumption
  • antiwear protection of parts and assemblies of the engine
  • avoiding metal losses during the run-in period and operation
  • engine protection by cold start
  • prevention of emerging deposits and residues
  • maintaining of friction surfaces in perfect condition
  • improved operation of hydraulic lifters
  • damping of extreme loads
  • reduction of noise and vibrations

Why change to a XADO oil?

If you ask ordinary car enthusiasts according to which rules they choose their motor oil, the answer will probably be predictable: determining principles are type (synthetic, semisynthetic, mineral) and brand of oil.

Almost everyone knows that modern oils contain various additives (detergent, antiwear, anticorrosive etc. — about a dozen in all).

High-quality base oil, correctly chosen and balanced additive package have the determining impact on the quality and price of the final product.

The Revitalizant® is on the top of the oil pyramid. It’s like the icing on a cake. Only the Revitalizant® can make the oil truly unique and impart protective and restoring properties.

We are deeply convicted that the Revitalizant® should be in each liter of oil.

The main reason why XADO oil should be added into the engine is atomic Revitalizant®. Enhanced oil not only lubricates parts, but also restores their natural wear during the operation. With XADO oils you don’t have to worry about engine overloads: the engine can easily pull a heavy trailer, suddenly accelerate or stop, even operate without oil in case of emergency, — due to the Revitalizant® the engine of your vehicle will always be reliably protected.

How to change to a XADO oil?

It is never too late to add XADO oil. Whether the car just left the auto shop or has driven tens of thousands of kilometers: you can change to XADO products without any problems. We recommend to flush the engine with the special VERYLUBE oil and then pour one of the many motor oils which meet the manufacturer’s requirements.

Value of the matter

XADO company proposes oils for every taste and budget: from cheap to high-end ones. Of course, the basic price of the oil is formed by the value of the base and the additive package which means that as a bonus you get the Revitalizant®.

All other oils do their “usual work”: protect the engine from wear to a certain degree and flush the soot with other deposits; XADO oils also restore the parts due to the presence of the Revitalizant®.

Requirements and specifications

XADO Atomic Oil is the first oil which contains the Revitalizant® formula compensating the natural wear of the engine.

Each year the requirements of car manufacturers for oils get stricter and more complicated. That is why XADO products are periodically tested for those specifications and undergo certification tests which prove quality. XADO Atomic Oil products not only meet the existing requirements of manufacturers, but also exceed them. This fact is confirmed by dozens of corresponding certificates.

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