New products - new package

A new line of additives for oil and fuel system has been developed by the engineers of XADO company under VERYLUBE trade mark. Fuel additives are introduced into into a full petrol tank and designed to improve fuel quality. Oil additives are designed to clean an oil system. These products are manufactured in a new package – 20 ml tubes:

  1. VERYLUBE Injector cleaner of gasoline engine
  2. VERYLUBE Fuel system cleaner (Diesel)
  3. VERYLUBE Cetane +
  4. VERYLUBE Euro + Petrol
  5. VERYLUBE Euro + Diesel
  6. VERYLUBE Oil system cleaner (fast)
  7. VERYLUBE Oil system cleaner (soft)


Also such well-known products for a fuel system as VERYLUBE Petrol Tank, VERYLUBE ENERGY (gasoline and diesel) and VERYLUBE Diesel-Lux will be manufactured in the same enlarged package (20 ml tube). These products are designed for application with larger amount of fuel (compared to 10 ml tube).

At present more than one hundred products are manufactured under VERYLUBE trade mark.

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