Mariupol rally

Kharkov racers from XADO Motorsport team continue their contest for the main rally prize in the country. The second lap of the Ukrainian Championship has taken place in Mariupol recently. Several dozens of crews came to the starting line, however not all of them managed to cross the finish line. Racers had to adjust to freaks of nature all the time, rain started over and over again, making allowances into drivers’ plans. Nerves did not endure, equipment broke down.v

However, despite of the “wet” mood, racers of XADO Motorsport team have come through Mariupol race with dignity. Stanislav Besedin on his Ford has taken the lead in the 5th category practically from the very start. And to the middle of the race he had the 10! minutes advantage of the closest chaser. He had to drive without mistakes to the finish line, what he did with success, taking to contestants in two-wheel drive category additional 20 seconds.

In all-wheel drive category, where traditionally Nikolai Chmyh represented XADO Motorsport team, competition was in real earnest. Here were breakdowns, time penalties, and, of course, winners. However our racer did not to get the podium this time, but the fourth place, taken by Nikolai, has brought the valuable points to the team’s coin box. And together with the second place in U1400 category of Sergei Kostiukov XADO Motorsport team managed to win the second place in the team event.

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