Limited Edition Oils in new volume

Limited Edition Oils in new volume

Appearance of the new series of XADO LUXURY DRIVE synthetic oils became quite a phenomenon on the market of car care products. However, until recently one could encounter these five types of premium-class oils only in 4 L cans.

Having taken into consideration the clients’ wishes, XADO company started manufacturing LUXURY DRIVE oils in 1 L packaging. The new cans have the same familiar cylindrical shape. For counterfeit protection the cans possess lithography printing and a special lubricator cap.

At the moment XADO company manufactures the following types of LUXURY DRIVE oils in 1 L cans:

May we remind you that LUXURY DRIVE oils are the only motor oils which not only protect engine parts from wear but also can restore them during car operation. During their manufacture we use the latest technologies, the best synthetic base oils and additive packages of the highest quality.

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