How does REVITALIZANT® help the environment

How does REVITALIZANT® help the environment

Today we are going to tell you about interaction of the REVITALIZATION® technology with the environment.

Its ecological rationality is based on saving resources as well as a real possibility of reducing harmful emissions.

It has a longstanding experience of practical application all over the world.

In 2010, gel-REVITALIZANT® for gasoline engines was certified by TÜV Thüringen technical testing center. Tests conducted on the vehicle Mazda 626 (YOM 2001, 85 kW, gasoline, 181,660 km of run) showed the following results:

  • reduction of CO emissions by 15.92%;
  • reduction of CO2 emissions by 5.16%;
  • reduction of (HC) emissions by 7.63%;
  • reduction of fuel consumption by 5.29%.

Values of harmful emissions reduction obtained in Ukraine are even higher. It is determined, to a large extent, by conditions of vehicles in the fleet and their general wear.

Thus, in 2014, by testing REVITALIZANT® on vehicles the following results were obtained in the “Universalneftekhim” testing laboratory of VTII Ltd.:

  • MAN ME220-18.220, (diesel, about 800,000 km of run), reduction of exhaust toxicity (smoke) by 15.7%;
  • VAZ-21099 (YOM 2004, 1.5 L, gasoline, 246,456 km of run) reduction of СО emissions by 18.97%, and НС by 9.6%.

What is the reason for reduction of exhaust toxicity?

Under the influence of REVITALIZANT®, a protective ceramic-metal coating with unique operational properties is formed on friction metal parts.

The key point of the technology is shown demonstrably here:

Today, application of XADO products helps to provide real reduction of exhaust toxicity, extension of the service life span, and fuel economy for every vehicle.

Ecological rationality and resource saving are two sides of one coin. This is where XADO provides new solutions.

For example, imagine a bearing assembly that started producing noise due to its wear. According to the traditional approach, the worn bearing should be replaced by a new one. Manufacturing a new bearing requires use of different resources such as ore, metal, water, energy etc.. Added expenses include disassembling and assembling of a mechanism and downtime costs.

XADO suggests a new approach according to which the old grease should be just changed to the grease with REVITALIZANT®. REVITALIZANT® restores the assembly directly during its operation, thus the noise in the bearing will be reduced. The main task (repair) is solved.

Due to the formed protective ceramic-metal coating, the bearing will serve up to four times longer. Energy consumption is decreased due to reduction of friction. Thus, the additional tasks are also solved, which provides extra benefits for the environment.

Eventually, application of REVITALIZANT® allows to not only reduce harmful emissions from vehicles but also save natural resources and energy.

Energy and resource saving and ecofriendly XADO technology really works and demonstrates it efficiency every day.

Here you can find documents on the results of application of XADO technology:

How does REVITALIZANT® help the environment

How does REVITALIZANT® help the environment

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