Helpful Video on XADO AMC

Helpful Video on XADO AMC

Are you thinking of whether to buy a XADO Atomic Metal Conditioner or not? Or you have already bought but still have some questions? Specially for you to stop hesitating we prepared a video clip where the advantages of the products and application instructions are vividly explained through the example of our top product AMC Maximum.

In the following video you will find our specialist from Research Department talking about the composition, proper application, advantages of AMC Maximum and the full range of XADO Atomic Metal Conditioners will be introduced to you. They are AMC Tuning, AMC New Car, AMC Highway.

What is AMC?

Metal conditioners are designed to create the multilayer protection system of parts against wear and overloads due to improvement of lubricating properties of oils. Oil film with metal conditioner has higher durability and creates on the metal surface the conditions that prevent its wear. Atomic Metal Conditioner (AMC) is an innovative product of a new generation of metal conditioners. AMC production uses a three­component formula comprised of a sliding agent, revitalizant and metal conditioner.

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