DOMO Style

DOMO Style

We present you a professional series of hair care products DOMO Style.

Hair Mousse – Strong Hold and Hair Mousse – Super-Strong Hold effectively secure even the most complex hair styles and turn hair styling into pleasurable experience. These products containing pro-vitamin В5 gently care for your hair, strengthen it and restore its structure.

Hairspray – Strong Hold, Hairspray – Super-Strong Hold and Hairspray – Ultra-Strong Hold also contain pro-vitamin В5. During their manufacturing we use an innovative formula which protects the natural keratin from destruction, as well as strengthens your hair. Application of our hairsprays does not leave your hair sticky and allows to easily comb it.

Hairspray “Silver sparkles”, Hairspray “Golden sparkles” and Hairspray “Multi-colored sparkles” were created to make our consumers happy on a special occasion. These hairsprays will allow you to look brighter and to make better impression during any celebration!

Another advantage of DOMO Style hair care products is their excellent quality at an affordable price.

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