AtomEx - car care products of the future which are available today

XADO Chemical Group has started to manufacture AtomEx, a new series of products with revitalizant. These are hi-tech products, additives and cleaners for engine fuel and oil systems.

The first products of the series are fuel additives, for gasoline as well for diesel engines:

  • AtomEx Multi Cleaner will help in case of having problems with engine feed circuit. These are excellent cleaners of fuel system, which remove any contaminations from the pipelines, fuel ramp and injectors, due to the increased concentration of the active components,.
  • AtomEx Energy Drive products are engine power amplifiers, which add adrenaline to automobile “hearts”.
  • And in case you have accidentally fuelled with low-quality fuel, AtomEx F8 Complex Formula products for engine protection can help you eliminate the consequences of using low-quality fuel.

The distinctive feature of all AtomEx products is their complexity and wide range of action, which  are ensured by the enhanced formula and content of the atomic revitalizant. Due to this AtomEx products have reliable protecting and restorative action on all units of engine feed circuit.


In the nearest future AtomEx series will be replenished by engine oil system cleaner and metal conditioner.

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