What Is the Best Way to Flush the Engine

What Is the Best Way to Flush the Engine

Problems in engine operation are often connected to contaminations in the engine. Clogged oil channels, stuck piston rings, lacquer and carbon deposits — all this leads to loss of engine power, compression reduction, oil burning and cylinder and parts scoring. Certainly there are mild detergent additives in motor oil, but in case of severe contamination they can’t really help you.


Oil metamorphoses

This year XADO company celebrates an anniversary: 10 years ago, in May 2004, first 4 oils under the trademark XADO Atomic Oil were manufactured. At that time atomic Revitalizant® was developed that allowed to take Revitalization® to a whole new level and make it an integral component of the technical maintenance of cars. Today XADO company manufactures oils for almost any type of equipment, from tractors to supercars. Besides the classic Atomic Oil, there are three more oil trademarks: VERYLUВE, Atomic and Luxury Drive.


Revitalization of the two-wheeled

We want you to learn about special products designed for those who loves and cherishes their motorcycles. Manufacturer of these products is XADO company.
If the motorcycle owner uses such products, he can be absolutely sure that he applies the best compounds for motor equipment existing at the moment.


These metals are fantastic!

It is not enough to make a revolutionary discovery. To be able to get this message out is even more important task.
Here you will find information about XADO Chemical Group’s breakthrough called Revitalizant – a product that reverses mechanisms ageing.


Revitalizant: metal can be healed!

Revitalization – is the process of bringing back to life, rejuvenation, “healing” of metal surfaces and elimination of defects. These are not just statements, it really works.