Air conditioner cleaners of DOMO bring healthy freshness

Domestic air conditioners chill and refresh the air, thus making our life more comfortable. But sooner or later the dust accumulates on the evaporator and bacterial clumps start spreading out becoming the source of not only unpleasant smell but also of allergic diseases. That is why conditioners require a regular cleaning.

We introduce you the new products of  DOMO trade mark – Foam and Antibacterial Cleaners for domestic conditioners which allow coping immediately with undesirable infection.

Foam cleaner for air conditioner is designed for preventive and thorough cleaning of the evaporator and ensures its antiseptic treatment.

Antibacterial cleaner is designed for antiseptic treatment of the conditioners and ventilation systems and guarantees fresh air. It forms germicidal film on the evaporator, thus lingering the formation of new undesirable bacterial clumps.

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