XADO gel-revitalizant for gasoline engines has been certified by TÜV

XADO gel-revitalizant for gasoline engines has been certified by  TÜV

 TÜV is the most authoritative non-government organization specializing in technical supervision of output products (German TÜV - Technischer Uberwachungs-Verein). TÜV certificate is highly valuated and trusted by German and European consumers. The certificate proves the efficiency of XADO gel-revitalizant and confirms its positive effect.

In spring 2010 comprehensive tests of revitalizant-gels for gasoline engines were conducted on the basis of TÜV test centre. The tests had performance character and were carried out by German technical specialists using the most perfect equipment for today.

During the certification consumer properties of gel-revitalizant stated by XADO were checked. The results of engine operation were compared before and after the standard treatment with revitalizant-gel.

The results are as follows:

  • compression increase and its equalization in the cylinders from 11 up to 14 atm;

  • engine power increase by 2,7 % (2,3 kW);

  • reduction of fuel consumption by 5,3 %;

  • decreased exhaust emissions (CO2 – by 5 %, CO – by 15 %, HC – by 8 %).

What isTÜV and why does the consumer need it?

The TÜV regional associations were created in Germany in the middle of the XIX century for engineering control of steam engine and they became powerful companies dealing with technical audit and certification in 150 years.

The most important fields of TÜVactivity are commercial expertise and transport inspection. But today the TÜV experts examine everything from the assortment and prices in shops to the airport terminals.

And for the consumers the abbreviation TÜV is an absolute mark of quality, namely  the German quality. The product with this mark deserves full and unconditional trust!

XADO Chemical Group is the only Ukrainian producer of oils and automobile chemistry, the products of which have been officially certified by TÜV.

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