XADO Motorsport — the season is over!

On these days XADO Motorsport Team has returned from Alushta where the last rally racing – the final stage of “Crimea Cup” took place. The team had gone to the South with the only goal – to win.

XADO Motorsport — the season is over.(subaru)

The team of Nikolay Chmykh on Subaru Impreza was the best to solve this task. Without damages and mistakes, with a permanently high speed the pilot won the first place in the ranking of “4,000” Class. A victory from the Crimea was also brought by Stanislav Besedin who was the first in “1,600” Class. This victory gladdens Stanislav yet more because this time he had to drive a VAZ 2108 instead of his accustomed Fiesta, and furthermore - with another navigator. But the pilot quickly adjusted both to the car and to the mate and was able to enter the highest step of the pedestal and to win the second place in the absolute ranking, having left the cars of “2,000” and “4,000” Class behind him. There was but a little way left for Sergey Kostyukov and Yevgeniy Korshikov to gain a victory. Their team was only the fourth in the overall ranking, but they got their places on the pedestal in their group immediately after Besedin/Belikov.

XADO Motorsport — the season is over.(vaz)

Thus, now we can summarize preliminary results of the year. XADO Motorsport Team has become the Rally Champion of Ukraine and won two cups of the three: “Crimea Cup” and “Pryazovia Cup”. As Aleksey Besedin, the manager of the team, said: “This year has become the best of all years when we took part in this kind of competitions – and after the titles won in closed-circuit, mountain and cross racings during previous years it is particularly important because we were able to prove that it’s not for nothing that we are considered to be one of the best professional teams in our country!”

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