XADO Motorsport — doubtless victory in Mykolaiv

The second stage of the National racing series in mini-rally “Liman Cup” which took place on May, 30−31 in Mykolaiv as part of “Shapovalov Rally Cup” brought several awards at once to XADO Motorsport team.

But the most important achievement for our guys is the win in the team event of the last race before the Rally Championship of Ukraine!

Ревитализация двухколесных

The team of Besedin and Borovoy performed consistently over the whole race. They became the best in the PS6 front wheel drive category. Moreover, they managed to take the 8th place in the series considering the number of 56 teams that started out in the competition.

Ревитализация двухколесных

The race wasn’t a nerve-wrecking experience for Nikolai Chmykh and Alexander Vilchinski who drove a Subaru. That is why the 3rd place in the PS6 front wheel drive category, as well as in the whole series, was an understandable and expected result. However, Nikolai took the bronze with a modest air:

Ревитализация двухколесных

— On the one hand, I’m happy to stand on the podium as opposed to the 4th place after the last competition, as well as about the fact that the driving speed was stable throughout the whole race. On the other hand, I would like to increase the speed, which is why I’ll have to improve myself and fight for future victories.

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