XADO in Popular Mechanics May issue 2013

XADO in Popular Mechanics May issue 2013

In May issue of Popular Mechanics you can find the information about complex approach to total protection for all main vehicle systems.

XADO products will assist you in that mission due to Revitalizant possession. It will restore the worn surfaces in a vehicle and protect them against future wear.

Find the best combination of 7 XADO products to protect your beloved car. Give it a chance to serve you 2 or even 4 times longer!

For more information about products or to purchase click the following link:

  1. AMC Maximum
  2. EX120 for gasoline engines
  3. EX120 for automatic transmission
  4. EX120 for power steering booster
  5. EX120 for all types of fuel equipment
  6. EX120 for gearboxes and differentials
  7. AMC Maximum Transmission
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