XADO in Asia

Since 2011 ХАDO has been actively exploring the markets of East and South-East Asia. For the time being our products can be acquired in South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, in the Philippines – more than in ten countries all in all.

In general the car markets of the region are full of high-tech and science-consuming products. But as the equipment functions here in severe operating and climate conditions, car care products with revitalizants are highly in demand, first of all due to their protective and restoring properties.

Experts of VIAR Company (production and maintenance of motor equipment) meeting a representative of XADO Chemical Group. Jakarta, Indonesia.

ХАDО Stand in the International Motor Show in Jakarta.

ХАDO Automotive Service Center in Jakarta, Indonesia

A bus with XADO advertising poster in the center of Seoul, South Korea

ХADO Center in Surabaya, Indonesia

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