About XADO with a circulation of 15 million

In the October edition of the largest European automobile magazine “ADAC Motorwelt” they have published some material about XADO-products. The publication is devoted to the top product – Atomic Metal Conditioner 1 Stage Maximum, its benefits and application peculiarities.

ADAC is the General German Automobile Club (ger. Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e.V. — abbr. ADAC). This is Europe’s largest public organization of car drivers. According to the data as of the end of last year the organization counted over 18 million members. The association issues a specialized automobile magazine “ADAC Motorwelt” in an edition of about 15 million copies - the largest circulation among all the European magazines.

Рекламный разворот в журнале 'ADAC'

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