Ukrainian Rally Cup 2011 has gone to Kharkov

The sixth lap of Ukrainian Rally Championship took place in Alushta in the end of October. It was the final lap of this season and XADO Motorsport team laid its hopes on participating in this lap.

Only two crews out of three, arriving in Alushta, made a start: Nikolay Chmykh and Aleksandr Vilchinsky from full drive category N4 failed to participate in the race – their car let them down. That is why racers were to watch the race as supporters. And there was much to support, as the things moved rapidly. Two crews, which remained in the ranks, took every effort and showed very effective competition.

The intrigue in U10 category was preserved nearly till the end. Stanislav Besedin with his navigator AleksandrDonskoy (last year Champions in category U9) fought for the title of the best till the last moment. However an unfortunate tire blowout prevented them at one of the special sections. Racers managed to drive to the finish line nearly with bare wheel disk; as a result they were runner-ups in this event of Ukrainian Cup lap.

The third crew of  XADO Motorsport team headed by Sergey Kostukov, which participated in category U9, according to the results of the season, has fought already from the start for the second place in the Ukrainian Championship. And the second place was successfully taken, as the third crew was the winner of the Alushta lap of the Ukrainian Rally Championship and  of the Cup event. Racers didn’t feel upset about the missed champion’s title, as it was their first full season in professional rally that is why the debut was more than successful.

However, despite all misfortunes, which followed XADO Motorsport team during the Alushta lap and last season, our team was not left without awards. According to the results of the year Kharkov team has taken the Ukrainian Cup!

XADO chemical group congratulates racers and wishes them success in the next season.

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