Say «NO!» to mold - special products from the trademark DOMO

The DOMO series of household chemicals is now augmented by two new products: «Antiplesen» and «Antigribok». These products are new and very powerful. Their purpose is to fight with dangerous and unpleasant enemies which are able to cause harm to our health — fungi and mold.

The detergent «Antiplesen» is primarily intended for preventive purposes. It can be used for preliminary treatment of brick, concrete, and drywall surfaces, as well as plaster. During the treatment an antifungal film is formed that prevents the appearance of undesirable «guests». Besides «Antiplesen» can be used in the effort to fight the already existing mold colonies.

The detergent «Antigribok» has an instant whitening effect. It destroys fungi and mold on affected surfaces (tile, joints, seams etc.). After the treatment with «Antigribok» the surface not only is clean but also becomes «immune» to the posterior contamination.

The detergents are produced in 1 litre plastic jerry cans and spray bottles with capacity 250 and 500 ml.

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