New products from VERYLUBE

Представляем новые смазки, содержащие политетрафторэтилен

Let us draw your attention to two new greases, which contain polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE). This substance has the lowest friction coefficient of all known solid materials. Precipitating on the friction surfaces fluoroplastic makes it possible for mechanism to work for some time without any grease at all.

Verylube Universal white grease with PTFE. It provides an extra easy sliding of the parts. This product has excellent water- and rust-resistant properties and is designed for lubrication of bearings, cables, chains, gears, bails and rollers. This grease will make bicyclists, fanciers of roller blades and skateboarders especially happy.

Verylube PTFE Spray. It forms dry (non-greasy) easy sliding antifriction polytetrafluorethylene based coating on friction parts thus preventing dust and dirt accumulation. This product can be applied universally and provides extra easy and smooth movement of units and connections from metal and non-metal materials in any combinations. Perfectly suits for lubrication of sliding bearings, car sunroofs, glasses guiderails and telescopic antennas; eliminates plastic panels squeaking.

Products are manufactured in convenient aerosol cans with volume of 320 and 150 ml.

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