New Products from RED PENGUIN

For those who love their cars we present new products under the trademark RED PENGUIN from the line of care products for car body and passenger compartment.

This time XADO company released two products: one for cleaning of car upholstery — RED PENGUIN Compartment Cleaner and the other for cleaning the engine exterior — RED PENGUIN Engine Cleaner. These two products contain innovative components which easily and successfully eliminate contaminations.

RED PENGUIN Compartment Cleaner is excellent for cleaning the upholstery. Its application allows to eliminate oil and grease stains on seats and inner door surfaces as well as restore the original appearance and handle of textiles. Compartment Cleaner can be applied to natural and synthetic fabrics, carpeting and even plastic items.

RED PENGUIN Engine Cleaner can easily fight oil spots and dirt in the underhood space. It is also efficient for cleaning the units of transmission, suspension and steering.

Both products are sold in new plastic packaging with a two-position sprayer (directed jet/drop spraying).

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