New Jet 100 Ultra products

A series of Jet 100 Ultra concentrates has been enlarged with the new products. JET 100 Ultra super complex of fuel additives “ON THE ROAD”for petrol and diesel engines, which is so popular among the drivers, nowcan be purchased in a can of 250 and 500 ml. We’d like to remind you that this product is designed for complex care of a petrol tank, pipelines, sprayers, combustion chambers and guarantees stable operation of a fuel system. Now it is enough to apply one can of the product in order to improve quality of 120 or 500 liters of fuel.

Now the Penetrating and Silicon greases, Carburetor&Injector cleaneris available in Jet 100 Ultra series. These cleaners of Ultra class differ by their enhanced formula; they are easy-to-use and have an up-to-date package design. 

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