Big “ship” needs XADO Maximum for Diesel Truck

XADO Chemical Group presents new product for owners of heavy duty vehicles. For this time it is an improved development – XADO Maximum for Diesel Truck metal conditioner with the third generation revitalizant.

The compound is specially developed for restorative repair and active protection of diesel engines of heavy duty vehicles. It comprises an innovative 3-component product, combining the advantages of two-phase complex metal conditioner and 1 Stage revitalizant. From now on XADO Maximum for Diesel Truck solves two tasks simultaneously: improves lubricating properties of oil and modifies friction surface owing to the revitalizant action.

One can (950 ml) is enough for the engine with oil system capacity of 30-45 L. With XADO Maximum for Diesel Truck the engine of a haulage trucks is protected for 100 thousand km of run.

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