Atomic Pro-Industry — new line of XADO oils

Specially for enterprises with mixed vehicle fleets the XADO Chemical Group has started production of specialized low-end motor oils with revitalizant of Atomic Pro-Industry line. The oils are designed for industrial customers: manufacturing enterprises, taxi fleets, automobile operating and agricultural companies etc.

This line is represented by six most in-demand mineral and semi-synthetic oils:

  • Atomic Pro-Industry 10W-40 SG/CF-4 Silver
  • Atomic Pro-Industry 15W-40 CI-4 Diesel
  • Atomic Pro-Industry 10W-40 SL/CF
  • Atomic Pro-Industry 10W-40 SL/CI-4
  • Atomic Pro-Industry 10W-40 Diesel Truck
  • Atomic Pro-Industry 5W-40 SL/CF City Line

Due to the revitalizant (RF -revitalization factor is 5.5) they provide maximal level ofprotection against current wear for engine parts. In regard to the level of their operational performance oils of Atomic Pro-Industry line are practically as good as XADO Atomic oils. Due to the additive package optimization, prices have been kept at low-cost level. Atomic Pro-Industry oils can be distinguished by special fragrance of “sandalwood”. For the customers’ convenience they are offered in 200 L and 60 L barrels. The sorts of oils can be differentiated by their labels: mineral oils are orange, while semi-synthetic oils are green.

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