About XADO Chemical Group

Who We Are?

According to Forbes magazine, today XADO Chemical Group is the leader in nanotechnologies in Europe.

According to the research of nanotechnologies’ market conducted by Russian State Corporation of Nanotechnologies “RUSNANO”, XADO Chemical Group products represent 90% of nanoceramic market and the main and almost the only player in this segment.

XADO Chemical Group is an International company formed in 1991. In 20 years company has become one of the leading developers and manufacturers of nanotechnologies in Europe.

XADO headquarters are located in Kharkov, Ukraine, which used to be the key location of defense industry in former USSR and a hub of prominent scientists specializing in classified technologies for Soviet space and defense programs.

One of such defense technologies was intensely researched by XADO scientists and in 1998 they made a real breakthrough with discovery of Revitalization Phenomenon.

Revitalizant is a nano-chemical compound, which, when introduced into the metal-to-metal friction zone, provides complete, tools-free restoration of worn metal surfaces and coats restored surface with ceramic-metal to protect it from future wear.

XADO Revitalizant is a one of a kind technology in the world.

In 1999 XADO has begun mass production of Revitalizants and other unique Revitalizant containing products.

Today, XADO is a modern and dynamic chemical company completed with its own certified research center “XADO Laboratories” with well-equipped and certified physical and chemical, chemmotological, tribological and ballistic laboratories, includes an Educational and Technical Resource Center, full production capacities for mass-production and special custom orders, company branches are located all over the world.

What We Do?

Our technologies extend mechanisms operational life, reduce energy use and toxic emissions thus saving large sums of money and leading to conservation of material, energy resources and the environment!

Globally XADO is one of the major players in the field of nanotechnologies.


The effectiveness of XADO technologies is recognized and supported by certified tests carried out in 35 countries. The breakthrough discovery of Revitalization Phenomenon is so significant it is included in textbooks on tribology.

Our USA branch is located in Chicago, Illinois and includes a fully stocked warehouse that allows us to provide great prices and fast domestic shipping.

XADO follows strict ISO 9001-2000 certification and each batch of goods is quality assured.

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