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Now there is larger number of Verylube oils

Now there is larger number of Verylube oils

XADO Chemical Group informs about the extension of the Verylube line of high-quality oils with reasonable prices. Now the most in-demand sorts of transmission oils are manufactured under this brand as well as two types of oils for motor equipment.


XADO Special edition in the magazine “Behind the wheel”

XADO Motorsport: 3-2 = 2 place

July’s issue of the most popular automotive magazine in the CIS “Behind the wheel” contains special publication “XADO for two-wheel vehicles”.


XADO Motorsport: 3-2 = 2 place

XADO Motorsport: 3-2 = 2 place

The first stage of the Rally Championship of Ukraine took place as part of the Gates of Ukraine race in Lviv and Zakarpattia regions on June, 21−22. This competition will stay in memory of XADO Motorsport team because two teams slipped off the track but the last remaining crew won the 2nd place in the final standing.


XADO partner gets a hat-trick at Cadwell Park

Продукция XADO помогла сделать хет-трик в Кедуэлл-Парке

We continue with our reports from the Foggy Albion. In early May we already told you about the English partner of XADO Chemical Group
Mike Comber, who participates in the national MX5 Championship.


XADO Motorsport — doubtless victory in Mykolaiv

Ревитализация двухколесных

The second stage of the National racing series in mini-rally “Liman Cup” which took place on May, 30−31 in Mykolaiv as part of “Shapovalov Rally Cup” brought several awards at once to XADO Motorsport team. But the most important achievement for our guys is the win in the team event of the last race before the Rally Championship of Ukraine!


XADO in Switzerland

XADO in Switzerland

In 2013 XADO Chemical Group company participated in the International Geneva Motor Show and presented its new products to the European community. Lorenzo Orsino, owner and founder of Autotrade Co. Sarl was also among the visitors of the show. His company is situated in Lausanne, Switzerland and for two decades sells cars and performs their maintenance.




The third annual special trade show MOTO MADRID 2014 took place in Pabellón de Cristal at Casa de Campo, Madrid in April. Giants of motor industry as well as dozens of manufacturers of parts and accessories for various types of two-wheel vehicles presented their latest developments.


XADO conquers British racing tracks

XADO покоряет английские гоночные трассы

Today we are going to tell you about Mike Comber, non-professional racer from Britain.


Rally «Yedyna Krayina, Country United»

Ралли «Єдина країна – Единая страна»

XADO Mоtоrsport team started in a race on April, 19-20 for the first time this season. The first stage of the National Racing Series in Mini-Rally Liman Cup «Yedyna Krayina, Country United» took place in Mykolaiv.


XADO MotorSport — season of 2014

Кубок «Лиманов» 2014

The first stage of the National Racing Series in Mini-Rally Liman Cup 2014 starts in two weeks, on April 18 in Mykolaiv. — Its official name is «Yedyna Krayina, Country United».