Company news


XADO special issue in “ Za rulem” magazine

The leading Ukrainian automobile edition “Za rulem” magazine has published a special project, which is fully devoted to XADO, in its November issue.


DOMO is ecology and economy in one bottle

For the first time production of air deodorants-fresheners with trigger has started in Ukraine. This package is very popular in Europe, because it does not contain propellant-gas...


AtomEx - car care products of the future which are available today

XADO Chemical Group has started to manufacture AtomEx, a new series of products with revitalizant. These are hi-tech products, additives and cleaners for engine fuel and oil systems.


XADO and SHAKHTAR are in one team now

In the beginning of September the management of FC “SHAKHTAR” has signed a contract of partnership and long-term cooperation with international chemical company XADO Chemical Group.


XADO EX120. New products – new package!

We’d like to introduce you a new product from a line of gels-revitalizants “XADO Revitalizant EX120 for gasoline engine”! This new product has several significant advantages.


Air conditioner cleaners of DOMO bring healthy freshness

Domestic air conditioners chill and refresh the air, thus making our life more comfortable. But sooner or later the dust accumulates on the evaporator and bacterial clumps start spreading out becoming the source of not only unpleasant smell but also of allergic diseases. That is why conditioners require a regular cleaning.


New Jet 100 Ultra products

A series of Jet 100 Ultra concentrates has been enlarged with the new products. JET 100 Ultra super complex of fuel additives “ON THE ROAD”for petrol and diesel engines, which is so popular among the drivers, nowcan be purchased in a can of 250 and 500 ml.


New products - new package

A new line of additives for oil and fuel system has been developed by the engineers of XADO company under VERYLUBE trade mark. Fuel additives are introduced into into a full petrol tank and designed to improve fuel quality. Oil additives are designed to clean an oil system.



Now RED PENGUIN not only perfectly cleans but also protects a lacquer coating of cars. XADO Chemical Group represents a new product under the above-mentioned trade mark. This product is called HOT WAX and used for the finishing treatment of a car body after car wash.




Let us introduce you DOMO – the new trade mark of XADO Chemical Group. The DOMO trade mark presents the household chemical products which are necessary in every house and office, and designed for everyday use.