Company news


Revitalizant for the country

This year XADO celebrates its 20-th anniversary. The outline about the company’s history and its present days has been published in one of the most authoritative automotive publications – magazine “Za ruljom”.


MaxiFlush provides the maximum effect.

XADO offers a new product MaxiFlush Cleaner designed to remove hard-to-remove contaminations from the engine systems.


XADO Motorsport is looking for a new season

XADO Motorsport Team invites all its fans and Kharkov journalists to have a look at the new Subaru Impreza rally cars and communicate with the drivers, engineers and team’s management.


Attention to all industrial enterprises!

A new specialized website of the Industrial Department of XADO Chemical Group,, has begun its work. The most completeinformation about the opportunities and effective application of the XADO-technologyto the industrial equipment is represented at the website. Here you can consult the specialists and apply for the treatment of the equipment.


Ultra – better effect at the best price!

Ultra – better effect at the best price!

Let us draw your attention to the new maintenance products for the engine feed system from the series Jet 100 Ultra: CLEANERS for gasoline and diesel engines and COMPLEX CLEANERS for gasoline and diesel engines.


New package for AMC

New package for AMC

The main new development of the season, ATOMIC METALL CONDITIONER, has got now two variants of package – a trade and a gift one.


Take with you “FOR THE ROAD!”

Take with you “FOR THE ROAD!”

XADO Chemical Group presents another new development – Super complex of JET fuel additives “FOR THE ROAD”. Most “diseases” of fuel system (contamination of fuel tank, fuel lines, combustion chambers, failure of filters, injectors and plugs) are caused by low-quality fuel.


The best for the best …

The best for the best …

The policy of XADO concern is to offer our consumers the best products. Hereby, for car owners of German auto giant VW-Audi Group we have begun production of antifreeze of a new generation - XADO Antifreeze Red 12++. This cooling fluid meets all requirements of VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, as well as of Lamborghini, Bentley TL 774 G and ScaniaTB 1451.


Atomic Metal Conditioner (AMC) with revitalizant.

The three-component formula, containing sliding agent, revitalizant and metal conditioner, was used in the AMC production for the first time. From now on Metal Conditioners solve two tasks simultaneously: the traditional one – improve lubricating properties of the oil, and the new one – modify friction surfaces (due to the revitalization effect).


Any Way became thicker!

Any Way became thicker!

Attention! Any Way thick penetrating grease has appeared in the market of automobile chemistry. Don’t worry, it isn’t a mistake in the formulation – it’s a special development of XADO Chemical Concern.