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Say «NO!» to mold - special products from the trademark DOMO

The DOMO series of household chemicals is now augmented by two new products: «Antiplesen» and «Antigribok». These products are new and very powerful.


EX120 in compact package

Now XADO Gel-revitalizants EX120 series which were sold retail in blister package, will be produced in a new ergonomic package — carton box. The new box is easy to transport.


Maximum Diesel Truck — now available for automatic transmissions!

The line of products for “big and strong” is now enlarged with Atomic metal conditioner with revitalizant 1 Stage XADO Maximum Diesel Truck for automatic transmissions.


Exhibition AAPEX - XADO in America

On November 5-7, 2013 one of the largest specialized automotive Exhibitions - AAPEX took place in the exhibition complex of Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas. XADO Chemical Group also presented its exposition there.


XADO Motorsport — the season is over!

XADO Motorsport — the season is over

On these days XADO Motorsport Team has returned from Alushta where the last rally racing – the final stage of “Crimea Cup” took place. The team had gone to the South with the only goal – to win.


XADO Motorsport: the champions again!

The final sixth stage of the Ukrainian Rally Championship took place in Ivano-Frankovsk on October 18-19, 2013. XADO Motorsport team arrived to Zakarpatie having lost six points against the leader. All the three cars went off. There were certain chances of success but they grew more and more feeble and precarious when Sergei Kostiukov and Yevgenii Korshikov withdrew from the race. A suspension of their car was damaged. Not a ghost of a chance for the championship in the team event was left when Stas Besedin was out of the game in “Fiesta”. At one of the turns the pilot lost control of the car on the slippery gravel road and the car dashed out into a tree. As a result, the cooling system of the vehicle was damaged. Moreover, “Trembita” rally was expected to decide the fate of the championship within the category, and here the fate was assisted by good fortune. The main Stas’s competitor dropped out of the race even before him, that is why the team got enough scores to become the best in their category.


Merzouga 2013

From the 20th to 26th of October XADO Team takes part in one of the most representative world Rallies – Merzouga Rally 2013, which takes place in the south of Morocco.


XADO in ACE Lenkrad

XADO in ACE Lenkrad

Our advertising campaign in Europe is going on. This time one of the most popular German automobile magazines, ACE Lenkrad, is telling about the opening of XADO automobile service center in Germany.


About XADO with a circulation of 15 million

Рекламный разворот в журнале 'ADAC'

In the October edition of the largest European automobile magazine “ADAC Motorwelt” they have published some material about XADO-products. The publication is devoted to the top product – Atomic Metal Conditioner 1 Stage Maximum, its benefits and application peculiarities.


XADO in Asia

Since 2011 ХАDO has been actively exploring the markets of East and South-East Asia. For the time being our products can be acquired in South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, in the Philippines – more than in ten countries all in all.

In general the car markets of the region are full of high-tech and science-consuming products. But as the equipment functions here in severe operating and climate conditions, car care products with revitalizants are highly in demand, first of all due to their protective and restoring properties.