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Рекламный разворот в журнале 'ADAC'

In the October edition of the largest European automobile magazine “ADAC Motorwelt” they have published some material about XADO-products. The publication is devoted to the top product – Atomic Metal Conditioner 1 Stage Maximum, its benefits and application peculiarities.


XADO in Asia

Since 2011 ХАDO has been actively exploring the markets of East and South-East Asia. For the time being our products can be acquired in South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, in the Philippines – more than in ten countries all in all.

In general the car markets of the region are full of high-tech and science-consuming products. But as the equipment functions here in severe operating and climate conditions, car care products with revitalizants are highly in demand, first of all due to their protective and restoring properties.


Snipex in North American Hunting Club Fieldtest

Snipex in North American Hunting Club Fieldtest

XADO Gel-Revitalizant for rifled barrels Snipex was tested and approved by members of North American Hinting Club. This is information you can trust!



Welcome the new product!


an antismoke additive with revitalizant.


Advertise XADO in Korea

We offer you a promotional video prepared by our partners from Seoul, South Korea.


From now on four types of oils produced under Verylube trademark are also available in cans

This is the privilege of mineral oil 15W-40 SL/CI4, semi-synthetic 10W-40 SL/CI4 and 10W-40 SL/CF, as well as synthetic Verylube oil 5W-40 SL/CF


Dakar Rally!

XADO Chemical Group is proud to announce about its participation in the world’s hottest race, a legendary rally “The Dakar Rally”!

For several years we were preparing for participation in this world’s leading automotive marathon. Our Company has been a sponsor and a partner of the Russian “Kamaz-Master” team since 2004 till 2010. However, it’s one thing to overcome this way along with this authoritative heavyweight, and totally another thing is to establish own team, to register it and to go through all legal and organizational issues as an owner.


VeryLube . A new version!

You are welcome to visit a restyled web-site of VeryLube trademark.

VeryLube is a XADO Company trademark. A lot of useful car care products are produced under this brand. They will help you to maintain different parts and systems of your vehicle.

A full range of products is represented on this official manufacture’s web-site. Product line is consistently enlarged and renovated by the Company.


Autumn advertizing campaign

Starting from September, 9 the autumn advertizing campaign, which will last for 7 weeks, has been launched on Ukrainian and Russian TV channels.


Revitalization of heavy duty vehicles: XADO AMC Maximum for Power Steering of Diesel Truck and XADO AMC Maximum Transmission for Diesel Truck

We would like to bring your attention to two products designed for revitalization of heavy duty vehicles: XADO AMC Maximum for Power Steering of Diesel Truck and XADO AMC Maximum Transmission for Diesel Truck.

These products are produced in syringe applicators with volume of 30 and 50 ml accordingly.

XADO AMC Maximum for Power Steering of Diesel Truck:

  • Increases pumping capacity.
  • Decreases steering effort.
  • Eliminates pump howl induced by wear.
  • Improves operation precision of power steering booster already after 50-100 km after application .