XADO in the press

XADO in the press

Materials on XADO products continue to appear in European auto press. So, the Polish journal “Auto Swiat” published the advertisement “XADO – long life of your car” in its special edition dedicated to gasoline engines. The advertisement presents three popular products for engine care: VitaFlush for oil system cleaning, Atomex Multi Cleaner for fuel system cleaning and REVITALIZANT® 1 Stage Maximum for restoration and antiwear protection of the engine.


Limited Edition Oils from XADO

Масла Limited Edition от XADO

XADO Chemical Group launches a new series of synthetic oils XADO LUXURY DRIVE. These are the only oils in the world which can not only protect engine parts but also restore them during car operation!


Auto news from XADO


Last weekend was marked by several events in Ukrainian auto sport which took place with support from XADO company.


XADO in Slovenia


Foreign partners of XADO Chemical Group continue actively promoting our products on their markets. Information on the 3rd generation of 1 Stage REVITALIZANT® and Atomex fuel system cleaners has recently appeared in the Slovenian magazine «Avtofokus».


Bolivian Energy


Bolivian company RETALAND SRL. has been promoting XADO products in South America since 2012. Various products with REVITALIZANT® can be seen at gas stations in the capital of Bolivia, Santa Cruz, and in other cities of the country.