New products for heavy duty trucks

New products for heavy duty trucks

XADO Chemical Group started manufacturing car care products under the new trademark Extreme specially for American market. These products are designed for heavy duty trucks. The first products in the line include fuel system cleaner, Extreme Cleaner, and additive for improving the diesel fuel properties at low temperatures, Xtreme ANTIGEL.


Award of the year!

The competition “100 best products” is held in Ukraine since 2001 where best consumer products are chosen every year. Attention is paid here to the quality of products (services, goods). XADO Company is a permanent participant of this competition, and our products are traditionally awarded with diplomas and other prizes for high quality.


Rally season comes to an end


The last stage of the Liman Cup, the most prestigious rally cup in Ukraine, took place recently in Mykolaiv. More than 50 crews from all regions of Ukraine came to the final competition. This year there were four stages of the Cup. Up until the last minute it was impossible to name the winner. Final races were the most important.




The agricultural exhibition fair called VIDAS took place in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz in October, and the representatives of XADO Chemical Group were among the participants.


New Products from RED PENGUIN

For those who love their cars we present new products under the trademark RED PENGUIN from the line of care products for car body and passenger compartment.