XADO MotorSport — season of 2014

Кубок «Лиманов» 2014

The first stage of the National Racing Series in Mini-Rally Liman Cup 2014 starts in two weeks, on April 18 in Mykolaiv. — Its official name is «Yedyna Krayina, Country United».


Mercedes and Volvo trust XADO oil with their engines

The semi-synthetic motor oil XADO 15W-40 SM/CJ-4 which is very popular for highly loaded diesel engines (SHPD), has recently met the Mercedes approval MB 228.31 as well as the Volvo specification VDS-4.


These metals are fantastic!

It is not enough to make a revolutionary discovery. To be able to get this message out is even more important task.
Here you will find information about XADO Chemical Group’s breakthrough called Revitalizant – a product that reverses mechanisms ageing.


The thirty-fifth Dakar rally raid, the most famous car race of the world, came to an end on January 18, 2014!

Dakar 2014 finished

XADO Team took part in this competition in the motor-cycle group for the first time. We sincerely congratulate the driver, technical support service, administration of the team, all our partners and fans with the end of the rally.


Mercedes approves!

Excellent news in the new year! A whole series of XADO motor oils received official approval by leading car manufacturers of the world (ОЕМ).