Extreme Economy

Extreme Economy

We present you a new product for diesel engines of heavy trucks — fuel additive Xtreme ECONOMY.

Extreme fuel economy — up to 5% — is real!


XADO Eau de Parfum

XADO Eau de Parfum

“Formula for men” is the first series of XADO perfumes for men. It is based on natural components and exclusive modern fragrances from leading manufacturers. “Formula for men” creates a single theme; car racing represents here reflection and manifestation of main features of a man’s character. There are four fragrances in total: DRIFT, CROSS, SLALOM, and RALLY. XADO perfume can be an amazing present for a colleague, business partner or a loved one — any person who loves auto sport and can’t imagine their life without cars.


LECO Seven Active — ideal formula of deodorant with seven active properties

Dergachi Snow Rally Camp: без победителей

We propose you new products from the trademark LECO — Seven Active antiperspirants. Seven Active series has not only a modern edgy aroma but also gives freedom from sweat and unpleasant odors during the whole day!


Polish Experiment

XADO 1 STAGE. One tube - full service!

This story started two years ago. Small Toyоtа Yaris manufactured in 2009 was used in one of driving schools in Polish town Włocławek, and it was used unmercifully. By the time when the run of the car reached more than 80,000 km, the engine power declined and fuel consumption increased.


XADO in the Dominican Republic

XADO in the Dominican Republic

Our company continues to actively extend its network of international representative agencies. Recently Premium & Co SRL, a large company importing lubricating materials and supplies into the Dominican Republic, has become a new partner of XADO Chemical Group.