Advertising Campaign in Colombia

Advertising Campaign in Columbia

Recently our Colombian colleagues from the company INVERSIONES MEGA 8 S.A.S. have conducted an original advertising campaign in Cali, the capital of the dynamically growing department of Valle del Cauca.




Good news for owners of small service stations and those who like to work on their cars by themselves. XADO company released a new product — XADO BRAKE CALIPER grease packaged into economical expendable 10 ml sachets. Such amount of the product would be enough for replacing the old grease on brake calipers of one car.


Limited Edition Oils in new volume

Limited Edition Oils in new volume

Appearance of the new series of XADO LUXURY DRIVE synthetic oils became quite a phenomenon on the market of car care products. However, until recently one could encounter these five types of premium-class oils only in 4 L cans.

Having taken into consideration the clients’ wishes, XADO company started manufacturing LUXURY DRIVE oils in 1 L packaging. The new cans have the same familiar cylindrical shape. For counterfeit protection the cans possess lithography printing and a special lubricator cap.


LECO — being beautiful is easy!

LECO — being beautiful is easy!

A specialized exhibition of professional cosmetics “KHARKIV BEAUTY” took place in Kharkiv on February 18–20. Among dozens of companies presenting their products was a stand with DOMO, LECO and DEZI products where their properties were demonstrated.


Clean and tidy

Clean and tidy

A new XADO product, VERYLUBE Conserving Grease, has appeared on the shop shelves. It is a conserving grease that contains REVITALIZANT® and is applied for cleaning, lubrication and anticorrosion protection of any metal parts. It can be used both in the household and for industrial purposes. VERYLUBE Conserving Grease is perfectly suited for gardening, sports, tourist, shooting equipment, and even small- and large-caliber guns.